Claudio Avila Tobías
​Claudio is a management consultant and, as founder of Results Solutions, his goal is to help leaders achieve their vision. He has more than 25 years of experience in agile strategic execution, leadership and transformation management, performance improvement, and acquisition integration in consumer goods, manufacturing, and financial services industries.

He has a track record of delivering tangible results for clients like Banorte, BMW, CEMEX, Cementos Progreso, Grupo BIMBO, Merck, Wal-Mart, and Zurich Financial Services, and has lived in Latin America and in the US, and has also worked in Europe.

Clients particularly appreciate Claudio’s ability to move organizations quickly from strategy to results by advising leaders in three ways: to inspire the organization with a compelling purpose; to empower cross-functional teams to achieve stretch results to advance the vision; and to engage large groups of people with customers to develop, test, and scale innovative ideas. 

Claudio was formerly a partner of Schaffer Consulting (Stamford, CT) where he was responsible for developing clients in Latin America. Over the last three years, Claudio has been collaborating with the world´s leader in the bakery industry to develop a culture of speed, productivity, and innovation as the means to sustain their growth, and has been advising country and business managers to achieve their goals.  Prior to that, Claudio helped the CEO of Zurich Latin America grow the top line by 20% in two years by bringing its six countries to work together in the launch of value-added products and manage end-to-end profitability.  He also helped CEMEX improve the effectiveness of its International Management Program by engaging participating high potential managers in real projects that helped advance and impact the company´s strategy. The first year, the participating managers achieved bottom line results of US $10 million.

As senior consultant at Arthur D. Little (Cambridge, MA) he worked for more than ten years for Grupo Progreso, a company that leads the building materials market in Central America, to achieve its growth strategy. There, he helped different businesses improve performance, integrate newly acquired companies, and bring in new managers.  For Wal-Mart, he worked closely with the shareholders and CEO of La Fragua, one of the two regional companies acquired in Central America, to develop and launch a growth strategy. Years later he helped Wal-Mart decide to divest their ownership from service providers not essential to the acquisition.

Today, Claudio and the Rapid Results Institute are supporting leaders of select communities in Mexico and Latin America to inspire and challenge their teams to impart justice faster and more effectively. Inter-institutional teams increased threefold the resolution of cases for victims of robbery and domestic violence. Leaders scaled up the effort expanding the impact to more citizens and cities.