Accelerate Business Transformation

Strategic ideas, processes and technology are not enough to transform the business. Managers must take the lead to inspire, challenge, and develop their people to make transformation happen, and quickly. This article describes how the CEO of the largerst retirement fund management company in Mexico initiated the transformation of the company.    

Spark Culture Change    

Changing employees' work patterns behaviors can be hard without the proper guidance and incentives. To produce high-value and sustainable change, connect new behaviors with measurable business goals. This article describes how the CEO of Zurich LA achieved his strategic and organizational goals using one change process.

Empowered Employees Create the Basis for Sustainable Growth

The article describes the results achieved and the learning at the world´s leading bakery after introducing the program for developing agility, productivity, and innovation.

Your strategy needs a "discovery" phase

Managers can increase the chances of success of their growth strategy by testing the different market opportunities and their assumptions through a portfolio of agile results projects.

Learning from rapid results

Small, controlled successes is the best way for companies to learn what it takes to achieve their vision. The article describes the experience of Banorte, the third largest bank in Mexico, increasing the profitability of several financial services.  

Succesful Change Begins with Results

Most large-scale change initiatives fail to deliver the intended outcomes, yet there are many well-known examples where dramatic, large-scale change happens quickly. This article describes how BIMBO de Uruguay turned around the operation in one year after loosing money for three straight years.

Accelerating Organizational Transformation

In these series of articles, Claudio and the Rapid Results Institute describe how they supported leaders of select communities in Mexico and Dominican Republic to increase the effectivenes of the judicial system and transform its organizational culture. Articles are in Spanish.