A global insurer in Latin America grew its top line by additional $200 m in two years, by creating and empowering regional teams to innovate with value-added products and manage end-to-end profitability.

Business Results, fast​ 

Sixty high potential managers at one of the leaders in the cement industry advanced the company´s strategy and their individual capabilities, by working together in agile results projects in different geographies. First-year benefits were $10 m.
A national bank set up the most efficient ATM network in 6 months and improved the agility and profitability of a portfolio of banking services. First-year benefits were $7 m.
World leader of bakery industry: a country turned around the business in 6 months after losing money during the last three years. A US snack business grew its customer base by 6% in 100 days. And two North American companies came together to introduce a new product line in half the time.