A global insurer in Latin America grew its top line by additional $200 m in two years, by creating and empowering regional teams to innovate with value-added products and manage end-to-end profitability

Business Results, fast​ 

Inter-institutional teams from select locations of Mexico and the Dominican Republic increased threefold the resolution of judicial cases for victims of robbery and domestic violence. Mexican system leaders scaled up the effort expanding the impact to more citizens and cities
Sixty high potential managers at one of the leaders in the cement industry advanced the company´s strategy and their individual capabilities, by working together in agile results projects in different geographies. First-year benefits were $10 m
A national bank set up the most efficient ATM network in 6 months and improved the agility and profitability of a portfolio of banking services. First-year benefits were $7 m
World leader of bakery industry: a country turned around the business in 6 months after losing money during the last three years. A US snack business grew its customer base by 6% in 100 days. And two North American companies came together to introduce a new product line in half the time